The Color of Seven

Deep in the woods that slide off into Stone Creek Swamp, teenage drug dealers retrieve their stash and receive and unexpected dividend--the unwitting resurrection of Cain, powerful Bokor of Black Magic. Atop Coleman Hill, two young attorneys renovate a decrepit relic of a house for their home and office. A house with a past it wants to share, showing Ria Knight tantalizing scenes of its original owner, Dr. Paul Devlin. Dr. Devlin's not exactly alive and well, but he's not dead either. With Cain's resurrection, the battle between the two first befun in 1888 rages again.  Because the past, like evil, never dies. It just--waits.

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Unique in Every Sense of the Word!
By Long Time DF Fan on Spetember 29, 2012

Oh my...just finished The Color of Seven & once again Gail Roughton leaves me speechess with her creative (& eclectic) writing talent. Wow, unlike any book I have read (but then I am finding all of her books unique and pretty darn wonderful) and I can honestly say I liked Seven very much...Seven is not for the faint of heart and by nature, I am kind of a wuss but it did grip me and I could not put it down. At times it was down right scary and I must admit I read the ending with the sun shining outside.  Perfect reading with Halloween around the corner and a new spin on Vampires.  I admire GR's gift for telling a story in a whole new light. Don't even try to guess what will happen, she will surprise you every time!

Bone Chilling and Heartwarming All at Once
By Rochelle Weber, Roses & Thorns Reviews on December 16, 2012

I've become a fan of Ms. Roughton. She's an excellent writer, and I've loved every one of her books. This is her masterpiece.  All of Ms. Roughton's characters are finely drawn, sucking the reader into their lives, but these people exist in different worlds--different times.  Ms. Roughton takes us on a journey from Macon, Georgia to the late 1800s to the present and back again, ending up...Yeah, ya have to read the book to find out...Cain will chill your blood. "My name be Cain. My color be se'ben." And Paul and Ria will warm your heart. But not unless you buy this amazing book...

Great book
By Kelly Conway on March 2, 2013

This has to be the best book I have read. The characters are interesting and the story never lets you down. A MUST READ.

Spectacular historical vampire epic
By Stuart R. West on August 9, 2015

Nothing draws me in more as a reader than rich world-building, an epic storyline.  Ms. Roughton's My Name be Cain, My Color be Se'ben does just that.  If you like horror, a sense of history, this is the book for you.  Of course, none of it matters if the characters aren't there, but Ms. Roughton delivers. Heroes worth rooting for and a villain in Cain who's memorable and terrifying. Vampires, romance, drama, history, the delivers this and more.  Recommended.

A horror story that let me sleep at night
By Mb4pax on February 9, 2016

The South in present time and the South in the late 1800s weave in and out of this story written within a story of black evil magic and God's angels on earth. This is about the deep love of family and the deep love in marriage.  It is a story about something similar to vampirsm and choosing one's path in life. And it is about the social and legal struggle of black and white in the South. All of this wrapped in a horror story. Somehow Gail Roughton makes sense of it and manages to bring forth an entertaining mixture of personalities and plot lines.  If you like horror (without having to sleep with the lights on) this one's for you.

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