Tess Ames thought this trip was just business as usual.  Well, other than the added perk of a few days in Jamica after the conclusion of business. Then the fog rolled in. And Tess's world changed forever. In more ways than one.

"An enchanting story loaded with romance, mystery, humor, good & evil, twists & turns. Impossible to put down."  Amazon Reader Longtime DF Fan

(Previously published as Miami Days & Truscan (K)nights)

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Love it!
By tvlgds on February 9, 2014

I have to say that I have read almost all, if not all, of Gail Roughton's books, and once again she takes me out of my comfort zone into a world I could never imagine.  I have not been a fan of fantasy in the past, aside from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, but this author has definitely changed that. She has a knack for weaving fantasy and reality very well.  Just the right touch of romance, suspense, good/evil.  I highly recommend this book and all of her others!

Great read
By Amazon Customer on March 23, 2014

What a fresh story! Combines today and Knights of the Round Table into a delightful story. Gail has a quick wit and sense of humor that keeps the reader turning the page.

I absolutely love ANYTHING that Gail writes
By Amazon Customer on November 29, 2014

I absolutely love ANYTHING that Gail writes.  This was no different from the others of hers that I have read. I highly recommend it. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it.

Great book!  Did not want this one to end
By Isabelle C. F. on January 6, 2015

Great book!  Did not want this one to end! You will live this or wish you could have an experience as this! Loved it!

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